Public presentation of a rehabilitation project


At the invitation of the President of the Benfica Parish Council, MDC. An exhibit in a public session, in July, the rehabilitation project of a housing complex located in Travessa do Açougue in Benfica, developed in co-authorship with the KEMA studio. The proposal resulted in the increase of seven to eleven studios distributed on two floors, integrating three gardens inside.


The patio, which is waterproofed and absent of any ecological value, gives way to garden spaces for the exclusive use of the ground floor apartments, allowing to regeneration of the environment between the buildings, in terms of health, air quality, and thermal comfort. They also have the important function of retaining rainwater naturally, minimizing the overload in the flows of public collectors. The proposal presented partially maintained the main façade and the formalization of the design of the street front provided a continuity of the plan confining with the Travessa do Açougue, in a perspective of assuming the set as a whole, between memory and contemporane.


When the interaction between different stakeholders (private, public, technical, and political bodies and the local community) results in a confluence of wills to improve the existing urban conditions, the city regenerates.