The construction sector is one of the most polluting, generates waste and causes CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This happens throughout the entire life cycle of construction materials and buildings.


We intend to respond to the global evidence of disruption of the environment, towards the replacement of a linear economy by a circular economy in construction, through a project activity based on the “Cradle to Cradle” concept.


The purpose of the organization is to participate actively in the sustainable development of cities environmentally, economically and socially. Being in line with european policies and having into account the commitment to comply with the European Ecological Pact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in this case SDG 07 – Renewable and Acessible Energy, SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities and SDG 13 – Climate Action, we intend that the buildings we design promote carbon neutrality, promoting healthier interior environments with zero emissions and more inclusive and resilient cities.


We think that, going beyond the mere function of inhabiting, buildings can be important catalysts in the regeneration of the natural environment and cities, contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint in this sector.