Bergue – Jewelry Tailors Store, LX Factory, Lisbon

The project for the Bergue – Jewelry Tailors Store is developed on the ground floor and mezzanine level with a total intervention area of ​​70.00 square meters, allowing a redefinition of the interior layout as well the changing of the facade.


Located in one of the trendiest complexes of Lisbon – LX Factory – the existing industrial characteristics were fundamental for the formalization of the intervention concept.


The proposal presents a new spatial organization as well as a different materiality that adapts itself to the existing environment and context. A new logic was defined for the exhibition of the
jewelery pieces as well as for the delimitation between the employee area and the customer area. In this sense there is a new service desk with three different work positions.


The pre-existing industrial materials are related to the new identity of space. The creation of a new lighting logic has allowed the space to be more relevant for those who walk on the street.